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Is a way for people to find good homes for pets, find a new pet, or to make sure pets have long, happy lives. Is a free posting space to sell, buy, adopt, and give away pets in Lebanon either for adoption or for sale, it is also a directory of qualified veterinarians..


About Us

We are a company registered with the lebanese chamber of commerce. Our goal is to make it easy for Animal lovers to provide the best care to their pets. Everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy can be found on


Our Petsbook for you

Our petsbook is where vets and owners of pets keep information related to their pets or that of their customers.
Information can be anything like birth date, special remarks, vaccinations..
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Pets & Vets for your country

This website is available for Lebanon only at this moment. If you are interested to run such a website for your country get in touch, we can provide you with a similar environment to run and manage for your country/area. This website has an admin panel and an online store.
To reach us please use the contact us page or write us at