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Friends in Lebanon, Yogi went missing. He was last seen by someone at Cedars Ground camping site next to Shouf Biosphere Reserve around 10-10:30am on July 28. Nobody saw if he ran in any direction but from the past experience I believe it is likely the continuous firing sound(to chase birds away) from the nearby apple farm would have freaked him out making him to run as far as possible away from the sound source. In this case, likely toward northeast or north along the road. He is a very timid and afraid of other dogs, no matter the size and however friendly they are. The reason I believe he would have been very hesitant to return to the camp site knowing many dogs are around. He has a blue collar on him with a name tag written "Yogi w/ Harry Chun +31 618 707 880" This is my Dutch number only being used with whatsapp at the moment. It was my last camping trip with friends as I was planning to return to Holland on August 6. I will stay at the camping site continuing searching. We had Yogi since 2010 and he moved with us from U.S. to NL and here in Lebanon since December last year. I lost Yogi before under similar circumstance. Then it was firework in France. He was found by someone under the truck shivering three days later. I was extremely lucky then. Think his fear is greater than his will to attempt a trace back. He was slightly sick before coming to Shouf and had a very little food and water which worries me even more. No water source in the direction he might have taken off. I don't have to say he means more than a lot to me. I would be grateful if you can spread the words out and around for Yogi. Lebanese society is tight and I know people often go out of their way to help each other. We may need that. Reward offered Harry Chun 70 725 593 +31 618 707 880(whatsapp)

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Name saremont
Telephone +31 618 707 880
Email / Website
Address Cedars Ground camping site next to Shouf Biosphere Reserve
Shouf, Other, Lebanon


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