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Greetings pet owners, We welcome you to "Groom Boom" and extend to you and your pets our hospitality and care in the hope that our salon's services and pet grooming will be the basis for further friendship. Dogs and cats' grooming is not just a mere hygienic and aesthetic procedure, but it is also an indicator of care that the owner shows to his/her favorite companion. Regular pet grooming is seen as just a haircut but in fact, it is an art-form. It is an art where the groomer combines the understanding of your pet's physiology, hair type and character with the skills of grooming and patience to ensure that your pet looks simply amazing; your dogs and cats like to feel great after a good grooming. Living next humans, dogs and all other pets requires constant care; daily general hygiene procedures, cleanliness of their coats and of course, their good looks: haircuts and hairstyles. Since grooming and all its related applications are somewhat unnatural for animals, it is necessary that a puppy get used to them

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Name Groom Boom
Telephone +9613682499
Email / Website
Address Badaro
Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon


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