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Pets & Vets Lebanon

Is a way for people to find good homes for pets, find a new pet, or to make sure pets have long, happy lives. On this website you find a free posting space to sell, buy, adopt, and give away pets in Lebanon either for adoption or for sale, it is also a directory of qualified veterinarians in the country. If you have a pet that you wish to sell or to give away for adoption, or if you want to buy/adopt a pet, just click the PETS link and add/find your pet.
If you are a certified veterinarian, you can add your clinic in our directory by clicking the VETS link.

About Us

We are a company registered with the lebanese chamber of commerce. Our goal is to make it easy for Animal lovers to provide the best care to their pets. Everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy can be found on

The Wall

It is there for Animal lovers to post their stories or ask questions related to their pets to other users and vets community. Remember, you are part of this community and your contribution is greatly appreciated. This is a public wall. Your are free to follow other users recommendations at your own risk. Pets & Vets is not responsible for recommendations that are posted on here.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found section is the premier information resource for the recovery of lost and found pets in Lebanon. Have you lost your pet? or maybe found a lost pet in your area?
Click the LOST & FOUND link and add your pet.

Pet Sitter, Pet Groomer, Pet Trainer

List your service for free in any of the above mentioned pages so users can contact you. If you are seeking a pet sitter, a pet groomer, or a pet trainer in Lebanon or want to post your service on our website, these pages are made for you.

The Petsbook

Our petsbook is where vets and owners of pets keep information related to their pets or that of their customers.
This book is a private one and is intended for your sole use. All information in the petsbook are kept private for you. This petsbook can be used to open a file for your owned pet or that of your customers (if you are a vet).
This petsbook contains useful information and remarks related to a given pet such as name, birth date, gender, vaccination schedule and history, general remarks, etc..